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Drive conversions, improve product flows, increase retention by making decisions with all of the data. Codeless Analytics. It’s analytics that works.

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Why SaaS Companies Choose Heap

  • Acquire the Right Users

    Capture every touchpoint across the customer journey with Heap. Understand what marketing campaigns convert best, what drives users through your free trial and onboarding funnel, and what leads to long-term retention.

  • Build the Right Features

    Pinpoint problems from discovery, to engagement, to adoption. Understand how users navigate your site and your product so you can stream line your roadmap and power your business forward.

  • Create Long Term Customers

    Determine the actions that great customers take and focus your marketing, product, and account management strategies around driving good behavior.

Heap empowers companies like Aconex, Endurance, Expensify to make better decisions, faster. We ensure our customers have the insights they have always wanted, but have never been able to access.

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“We have been able to save hours and weeks of effort by using Heap instead of designing multiple ETL jobs to combine data from different tools. Everything just works out of the box.”

Abhishek Ratna
Abhishek Ratna, Sr. Marketing Manager
  • Codeless Tracking

    Autocapture every tap, click, swipe, field change and pageview in your web or mobile app without writing a single line of code, or filing a single ticket. Heap’s capture everything philosophy means that you will always have a complete and retroactive data set.

  • Customer Life Cycle

    From acquisition, to adoption, to retention we have the data and the tools you need to improve every part of the customer’s journey. Ensure your customers discover and engage with everything you have to offer, and remove friction points through out their experience.

  • Dynamic Cohorting

    Understand how different cohorts of users experience your product. Create segments of users by filtering for their real time behavior and historical actions. Combine user activity with user attributes like vertical, contract value, first touch attribution, and more to create complex personas in your analysis.

  • Heap Connect

    Our retroactive, managed ETL process means that your data teams have all they have all the data in a clean, easy to use schema. That means your best minds are discovering new insights, not building pipelines and munging data.

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