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Build-Your-Own Customer Data Platform

Data teams are taking charge of customer data. Learn about the latest trend in building a competitive edge in infrastructure.

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Heap: Retroactive and Complete Behavioral Data for your Warehouse

  • Complete Customer Profile

    Customer Data as a Service builds a complete customer picture by adding key behaviors into your source of truth.

  • Retroactive Data Access

    No more data blackouts. Sync complete retroactive event history to your warehouse or data lake.

  • Standardized Schema

    Heap normalizes behavioral data and automates the ETL process to minimize manual errors and increase reliability.

Why Build Your Own Customer Data Platform?

Heap empowers companies like Envoy, Microsoft, WeWork, and Goop to build a complete view of their customers. Heap help teams build a central source of truth to get deeper insights and streamline decisions.

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“Heap allowed us to stop relying on multiple vendors for marketing attribution. We finally had a complete, centralized view of which campaigns were associated with outcomes. Heap allows us to get granular on who is doing what, when, and how. For the first time, we’re able to do marketing attribution on our own rather than relying on third party tools.”

Arvind Ramesh
Arvind Ramesh, Envoy

Learn how to build your own Customer Data Platform

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